Global Services

A wide variety of professional services for the industry is provided worldwide to support several activities of our Customers' business.

Chemical and Engineering Consulting

We offer technical consulting through a combination of our highly qualified chemists & engineers, together with extensive analytical tools, specialist software, equipment, laboratory and engineering facilities.

Water Treatment

Chematek offers services to help you improve the treatment of any kind of water, from the waste water through the demineralized up to the drinkable water.


Founded in 1980
Nine offices in strategic locations
A dynamic chemical industry

Headquartered on the surrounding of Milan, Chematek SpA, founded by its present owner and managing director, has grown into a leading supplier of chemicals and services to the chemical industry. Since its foundation in 1980, Chematek has kept growing and today counts several warehouses and agents, together with nine offices worldwide.

Chematek’s main asset is its staff, who being technically oriented can understand the complicated needs of the demanding Chemical Industry without forgetting to play a responsible role in environmental, social and business issues.

Chematek has two main divisions, namely Energy & Water and Fine Chemicals.


Successfull projects delivered by Chematek

The following galleries show some of the projects that have been successfully delivered by Chematek. Click on each gallery to browse.