Espresso Line


Water Treatment Plants

The mobile solution for water treatment, with modular capacities ranging from 0.25 to 300 cubic meters per hour and more.
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espresso line - flusso


  • Espresso Small: 2,8 x 2,8 mt: 0,25÷3 m3/h
  • Espresso UF:
    • 20ft module: 18÷98 m3/h
    • 40ft module: 55÷269 m3/h
  • Espresso RO: 20ft module: 4÷32 m3/h 40ft module: 35÷112 m3/h


The Espresso Line can be used in place of standard fixed plants, offering:

  • Very quick installation time;
  • Minimum footprint;
  • Flexibility and Modularity.


In addition, the Espresso Line can solve water issues in the following cases:

  • During natural events when flooding produce muddy water difficult to treat;
  • At military camps which promptly need potable water;
  • At construction sites in “problematic” locations;
  • In oil wells which need to recycle water used for drilling;
  • In islands and touristic attractions with limited or no drinkable water.