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A wide variety of professional services for the industry is provided worldwide to support several activities of our Customers' business.
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Chematek is principally involved in the distribution of chemical products, but can also provide a complete range of support services for the chemical industry. The following are some of our capabilities:

  1. Over 400 products in stock at our warehouses located in strategic positions in Europe, following environmental and ISO 9001 quality standards.
  2. Quick response to market trends and rapid product development infrastructure allows for prompt supply of non stock materials.
  3. Constant improvement to operational and quality standards.
  4. Close relationship with approved suppliers by means of a stringent auditing process undertaken by our local professionals.
  5. Ability to respond quickly to customer requests with the flexibility of a small company, while at the same time ensuring a level of expertise and scope of a large multinational.
  6. Full technical assistance.
  7. Trained specialists available for technical support on product or process issues. Exchanges with university research institutes who can provide the latest technologies on product updates.
  8. Our objective is to source or develop from unique and hard-to-find materials, working closely with customers to meet their demands whether related to technical specifications, packaging, or shipping location.
  9. Minimum Stock always available.
  10. Regular items are restocked perpetually throughout the year to ensure product availability.