HaloSource, Inc. (“HaloSource” or the “Company”) Announces 3 year supply agreement with manufacturing partner for new lead-reduction media


18th July 2017

HaloSource Inc. (HAL.LN, HALO.LN), the global clean water technology company traded on London Stock Exchange’s AIM market, announces today that it has entered into a supply agreement with its manufacturing partner Chematek SpA for production of the Company’s new lead reduction media. This media is expected to be the class-leading product for reduction of lead in drinking water for gravity-cartridge applications and will be capable of meeting National Standards Foundation/ANSI 53 (“NSF/ANSI 53”) certification in a certified device.

Chematek, a privately-owned specialty chemical trading company based in Milan, Italy, has been a leading name in global chemicals trading and distribution since 1980. Chematek has undergone dynamic growth in recent years, adding commercial business lines including an engineering contracting, manufacturing and consultancy unit in the field of industrial and municipal water treatment. The company is quickly establishing itself as a powerful player on the international stage having built and established a network of offices, agents and associates throughout Italy, Europe, Asia and Central America, facilitating its multifarious activities. In-house facilities and strategic alliances with top raw material and intermediate manufacturers around the world allows its customer base access to a wide spectrum of value-add solutions.

The 3-year supply agreement provides Chematek with exclusive manufacturing rights for HaloSource’s proprietary lead reduction media and outlines the manufacturing specifications, quality requirements and specific requirements ensuring the protection of the company’s intellectual property.

Commercial-level production of the media is expected to begin in Q4 2017.

The novel lead reduction media invented by HaloSource scientists for application in gravity-fed devices (such as pitchers and bottles) overcomes the challenge of reducing both colloidal lead and dissolved lead salts from water, meeting and exceeding NSF/ANSI 53 standards for lead reduction to below the current acceptable threshold of 10 parts per billion (ppb). This breakthrough media represents a major step forward in the application of a cartridge based form for reduction of lead from household drinking water when deployed in a gravity fed application (including pitchers, bottles and counter top units) and also has the potential to reduce other heavy metals in drinking water.

James Thompson, CEO of HaloSource, commented,

“We are very excited to announce this supply agreement with Chematek as it will solidify our ability to supply the media via a trusted global manufacturing partner with the ability to produce in multiple regions around the world including Asia, Europe and N. America. We look forward to the commercial release of this media later this year for inclusion into our OEM partner’s devices as well as in our own filtration products launching under the astreaTM brand.”

Dr. Giovanni Papandrea, CEO of Chematek, commented,

‘We are delighted to be the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of HaloSource’s novel lead reduction media. We are passionate in maximising water purity and limiting environmental impact through decreasing usage of plastic bottles. We believe that HaloSource’s cartridge based solution firmly addresses both these issues and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”